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Age:  33 years Height:  5' 6" / 168 cm Smoking:  No
Birthday:  1987-06-06 Weight:  118 lbs / 48 kg Drinking:  No
Horoscope sign:  Gemini Eye color:  grey Religion:  Russian Orthodox
Residence:  Odessa, Ukraine Hair color:  brown Kids:  No
About me:

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alexandra. I have dreamt to become a lawyer since early age. So now, I am a 4th year student of Odessa National Academy of Law. I can admit that I am almost happy. The only lack in my life is high feelings and the man for the sake of whom I would like to live.
The Order and Chaos live within me. The Order makes me follow my duties correctly, with higher level of responsibility so that life sometimes becomes monotonous. In addition, the Chaos demands for new and new impressions, positive madness and outbursts of passion. I like Chaos for it signifies movement, advance and development. And Order for its firm life positions and stability of feelings.
Sometimes a romantic and dreaming girl wakes up in me. I like to sink in thoughts and dreams at the seashore, listening to the sound of its waves. In addition, in these very moments I like to soar over the ground and feel the wind playing with my hair.
I am also fond of professional billiards. Have been playing already for 6 years and am sure that a woman with a cue in her hand looks really sexy.
I am rather unpredictable not to make you bored and too predictable not to make you doubt in me.
What else I can be you can find out by writing to me.
Waiting for your letter,

+380 97 0045382
Address: Posmitnogo str., 1,
Odessa, 65009, Ukraine.
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