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Age:  31 years Height:  5' 4" / 164 cm Smoking:  No
Birthday:  1989-05-25 Weight:  110 lbs / 45 kg Drinking:  No
Horoscope sign:  Gemini Eye color:  green Religion:  Russian Orthodox
Residence:  Odessa, Ukraine Hair color:  blond Kids:  none
About me:

There are so many people all over the world. Still everybody meets that unique one to share his life, his dreams and feelings. How it happens, nobody knows. I think it is beyond us. However, I am sure it is possible and it depends on us. What do you think?
I am a future psychologyst. The choice of my profession wasn’t spontaneous but followed by the inner feeling of predestination and desire to be a well educated and worthy woman in my husbands eyes. In psychology as in family - everything depends on trifles. A real specialist knows how to inspire his patient with hope and belief, he works hard to be the best and to acquire recognition. So, I believe that each woman should possess some qualities of a psychologist to cherish family trifles, to do all possible to be the best for her man and … from time to time to appear before her man in a nurse smock and, pretending he is very sick, to treat with all sorts of untraditional medicine.

With best regards,

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