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Age:  33 years Height:  5' 10" / 178 cm Smoking:  No
Birthday:  1988-01-05 Weight:  137 lbs / 56 kg Drinking:  No
Horoscope sign:  Capricorn Eye color:  grey Religion:  Russian Orthodox
Residence:  Zhitomir, Ukraine Hair color:  light-brown Kids:  
About me:
My name is Olga. I am young but with wide life experience. I think a woman should be patient as for her man. Support and understand. Believe in him. Live for him. What I am interested in the most is finding generous, kind, wise, courageous, caring man, marrying him and having the best family in the whole world. Our world…
I want you to know that I am very serious in finding the right man. A year ago I lost my Mother. The fortune of my Dad is also unknown to me. I have a sister who is rich, lives in Moscow but I have lost contact with her. Perhaps she is afraid that I will ask for some financial support, but I don’t. I study and work hard to become a personality. I have nobody in this world except my kitten that I love so much. But I need a man – mature, wise, caring to present him with all the love I have gathered in my small heart for all the years. I want a family. Real family. With children and warm evenings, friendly parties and passionate nights. I want us to be the happiest in the world. Our world.
Hope to hear from you…

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