A Bit of History

Kievskaya Rus is an ancient region of Europe, a large area situated on the coast of the majestic Black Sea and home to the wide and quick rivers Dnepr and Dnestr.

Ekaterina the GreatDuring the reign of Ekaterina the Great during the 18th century, it was as if this land was touched by the wings of an angel. There was a time of outstanding peace. The Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Armenian, and German colonies, based by Prince Potyomkin, brought prosperity.

It is impossible not to mention that they also brought their most valued riches. Never before have women of such bewitching and captivating beauty and perfection risen from any other lands. The combination of sexy fieriness, plasticity, sensuality and unusual beauty was written about in the works of the greatest Russian writers and poets - from Pushkin to Bunin.

The Opera theatreWhat man does not dream of such a rare combination of characteristics in his beloved?

Today, that region is called Ukraine - with an area of 603,700 square kilometers and a population of nearly 47 million.

The city of Odessa was founded on the coast of Black Sea in 1793. It replaced a Turkish fortress called Hajibey from the 15th century. The abundance of water in this area symbolized the unity of one's potential opportunities.

The Potemkin StairsCertainly, there is something in the air, sun and sea of this land that promotes the acceptance of words "female charm". It is not coincidental that the last great Russian poet Alexander Blok devoted his first mature verses to an Odessa-born beauty.

Today the women of Odessa and all of the south region, from Kiev to Chisinau, still deserve the same enthusiastic and poetic lines.

Odessa is the pearl of Ukraine and also the place for our representative office - located in the most respectable and beautiful part of the city. Our nearby partners - the deluxe hotel complexes Otrada and Arcadia Plaza - will always be glad to see and accommodate you on your visit.

We will organize a romantic getaway in a nature reserve, Ridna Priroda, with relaxing or exciting activities that include original Russian baths, fishing, hunting or horseback riding and walking on its beautiful nature trails.

Our agency guarantees you unforgettable impressions.

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